Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is Here!

It is a wonderful feeling to wake up, go outside and NEED a light sweater!  Summer in Georgia is hot, humid and sometimes stifling.  I love it but I also love when fall arrives, right on time at the fall equinox.  Today is such a day.

Even better, Robert (my husband), for the first time in a year was able to ride yesterday without discomfort or pain!  You see, for a year or more, my husband has been suffering with what was diagnosed as diverticulitis, then worries of colon cancer.  But one day, he realized that his symptoms were a "zebra."  A rare condition, that often hides as something else and he was right.  It turned out that he had a large abdominal wall hernia (a very rare type of hernia in a man, that is not where most hernias are found).  Well, a month ago he underwent surgery and now that the surgical sight has finally healed, the results are amazing.

He is back to dreaming of a future of being physically able to move again and being involving in riding horses again!  So, yesterday -we went on a small trail ride with Soleil and DaVinci.  It felt so good to be riding with him again.  Of course, DaVinca was full of tricks and Robert was able to ride through them without issues.

Myself, fall is always my best training time.  I like to make goals, even make a chart to document progress and to keep me on track.

This week, I am back in the saddle on Soleil.  Soleil has also had health issues this summer.  Her allergies flared up with the Georgia heat and plant allergies; making her extremely uncomfortable.  Bathing, topical treatments, antibiotics and anti-histamines have barely made a dent.  Most summers, she is kept in the barn but this summer, we broke down and let her stay outside with her herd.  It was a failed experiment that won't happen next year.

Then last week, Soleil got bitten by a nest of wasps and her face swelled up, as did the many stings on her body.  With that, we took charge, but her on new drugs and have been keeping her in a stall during the day.  The change has been dramatic!  She is still a bit itchy from old lesions but  she is 85% better than she was with her allergies from just a week before!

But with the change, comes a new determination to get her back into the dressage ring.

And Robert has plans to get DaVinca and Wolverine out practicing too.

So, today I begin looking for a new instructor.  One who will come to our farm, as long as the weather is good and help us work up to the next levels in dressage.

I am ready to tackle some new adventures and look forward to a great fall with lots of riding, adventures and friends!

Cheers!  ...and happy trails!