Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spanish Norman Foal Market Analysis:

Spanish-Norman Breed Profile

"A rare and exclusive breed, the Spanish-Norman blends the genes of the Andalusian of Spain (and Portugal) and the Percheron of France to re-create the phenotype of the courageous horse that thundered across the battlefields of Europe. These were the noble horses, bred for courage, strength and stamina that left an indelible imprint on the history of the western world.
The Spanish-Norman, "the warhorse of the ages as the sporthorse of today," is capturing an international audience of equine aficionados.
Research shows that early Spanish horses influenced the development of the now lost Norman horses of medieval France. Norman horses infused with Barb blood contributed to the equine type that would eventually come to be known as Percheron, after the Les Perches region of France. Both the horses of Andalusia and Normandy possessed an infusion of Barb blood from the Moorish invasions. Blood typing studies by Dr. E. Gus Cothran of the University of Kentucky, have located similar genetic markers in both breeds. With their common oriental ancestry, breeding Andalusians to Percherons produces offspring approximating the type of the old Norman horse, prized for carrying the knights to victory centuries ago."

See: http://www.spanish-norman.com/breedprofile.htm for more details on the Spanish-Norman Breed.

Spanish Norman Foal Market Analysis:

This is a small market analysis of Percheron versus Spanish-Norman Foal listed sales prices.  I also included the sales prices for Lusitanos and Spanish Andalusian (IALHA registered only).  

Ads are for sale and sold (listing price only). 
Ads from Internet horse classified ads, websites and craigslist. 
All efforts possible were made to not duplicate ads. 

Ads were for North American horses only (USA and Canada).
Search was conducted on 10/8/2012.
All horses were registered with IALHA, Spanish Norman or PHAOA.
Lusitano and Spanish Andalusian were reg IALHA only –near as I could figure. I did not include APSL or PRE horses.

None of the horses used in the analysis were broke to ride or drive.  All were born in 2010 or later.

Auction results were not included because listed sales prices were compared across the board.  Auctions list sold prices, which is not comparable with sales prices.  Although draft horse auctions are common, breed auctions for Spanish-Norman and Lusitano foals do not exist.

The average prices of breeds in tabular form were:

IALHA Lusitano (n=13)

IALHA Andalusian (n =8)

Spanish-Norman (n=7)

PHAOA Percheron (n=7)

There are very few Lusitanos in the world, with APSL estimating less than 10,000 Portuguese horses. Our Lusitano stallion, Wolverine is an IALHA(P) and Spanish-Norman Foundation Approved Sire: Wolverine is one of a few and may be the only black Lusitano stallion approved for breeding within the Spanish-Norman Foundation. The Lusitano Spanish-Norman horse is extremely rare and is very valued. 

Our of the sales adds found for Spanish-Normans, only one horse was still for sale.  As adults, the prices of Spanish-Normans was much greater than the foal prices.  So, it appears that that market for both foals and adult horses is very robust.  

If you have a registered Percheron mare and wish to create a Spanish-Norman, Wolf is available.  The foals will be eligible for half-Lusitano (P) registry through IALHA and the Spanish-Norman registry.