Monday, January 23, 2012

Spanish-Norman Horses

What is a LUSITANO? The Lusitano is a Portuguese horse breed that was originally bred for war, dressage and bullfighting, Lusitanos are still used today in the latter two. They have competed in several Olympics and World Equestrian Games as part of the Portuguese and Spanish dressage teams. They have also made a showing in driving competitions, with a Belgian team of Lusitanos winning multiple international titles. They are considered a very rare breed with fewer than 10,000 registered Lusitanos in the World today.

A Spanish-Norman horse is a rare breed of horse that is a combination of a Percheron mare and an Iberian (Lusitano or Andalusian) stallion. They are considered a rare breed that excels in dressage and carriage driving. Spanish-Normans are recognized by USDF. Prices for Spanish-Norman weanling foals average between 7 and 12K, are in great demand and the few Spanish-Normans currently competing in the competitive dressage arena are doing very well in the rankings.

Why a Spanish-Norman?

There is evidence that Percherons contributed to the genetic lineage of the ancient Norman warhorse, which no longer exists. Research has shown that Percherons and Iberian horses share common blood markers and as such, the founders of the Spanish-Norman foundation wished recreate the Norman warhorse in all its glory. Within this breed, they wish to retain the presence, physical prowess and mental abilities of the classic medieval Norman warhorse. And so, in 1991 the Spanish-Norman registry was created. Currently there are few Spanish-Normans and the demand is high.

We have a black-bay registered Lusitano stallion (Wolverine 6777P), who will produce an excellent Spanish-Norman. Wolverine has excellent conformation and movement. His fantastic lineage is of bull-fighting (his sire was a champion) and Alter Real (carriage driving) lines. His price for shipped cooled semen for the 2012 breeding season to Percherons is $600 (plus shiping costs). This is a $200 discount off of his standard stud fee. Contact me for a breeding contract!

We will also consider joint partnerships, if you wish to breed multiple registered Percheron mares. We will provide the fresh, cooled semen (no charge) and split shipping costs. We get first pick at weaning of one of the foals (per two or three mares) and the other one or two foals will be yours without any strings attached.

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Here is a video of Lusitano: Wolverine (stud services available) under saddle: