Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spanish Normans are on the way!

Baby dates for four Spanish-Normans (of Lusitano lineage) and one lusitano for 2013! 

G.T.’s Joanna 4/27/13
Duncreek’s Mill Glory 5/12/13
Cielo Azure’s Queen Eleanor 5/30/13
Cielo Azure’s Fleur Du Soleil 7/2/13

All the mares are extremely high quality show Percherons of the best lineages around.  All are proven show animals and have been chosen for our breeding program for their versatility.  All but one are closely related, so the foals will be easily matched for driving.  All will be black in phenotype.

The mares are bred to our show quality Black-bay, Lusitano stallion (phenotype black): Wolverine.  His sire was a national champion bull fighting horse in Mexico.  

All foals will be eligible with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA #6777(P)) and the Spanish-Norman Registry.

We do not plan to keep any colts next year, only fillies.  So we expect that there will be foals available.  

We are really excited about this cross for dressage, working equitation and driving.  

Here is a photo of "Wolf" (the sire):

Photos of the mares: 

Cielo Azure's Fleur du Soleil
Soleil is an amazing mare.  She has won at the national level in riding, halter and driving classes.  I am really hoping Soleil drops a filly!

Duncreek's Miss Glory 
A fantastic moving, huge mare with presence!  Her full sister was National Percheron Champion, All American and Champion at the World Percheron Congress.  

GT's Joanna
Joanna has won grand champion in halter classes, won in riding classes at large shows and is an amazing driving mare.  Her dam was National Percheron Champion, All American and Champion at the World Percheron Congress. 

Cielo Azure's Queen Eleanor
Eleanor has won Grand Champion in halter at the Georgia Draft Horse Show.  She is four years old and just starting her performance career.   She is growing into an extraordinary horse and we are very proud of her!

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