Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marietta, GA Independence Day Parade!

There is nothing like a Percheron to please a crowd!  Joanna and I rode aside in the July 4th parade with the Georgia Ladies Aside Society.  We most definitely were the bells of the ball!  What fun and the crowds loved us!

Joanna looked stunning in her traditional draft atire and she piaffed and passaged the whole parade (with Robert firmly by my side) as she was rather a "hot Chitquita" with all the police lights and sirens, marching bands, muskets, crowds and car noises.  Lesson learned, travel with Ace -just in case!

But it was an adventure and we made the day of more than one little (or big) girl!

Joanna and I at home: dress rehearsal!

The Georgia Ladies Aside Society getting ready to go!  What a wonderful group of friends!  They were so supportive of my big mare and her first parade "nerves."  

This is just as we were about to start.  The crowd was estimated at 30,000 people.  The parade route felt like it was about two miles.

Yes, I had fun!