Saturday, June 9, 2012

I am walking with the "big" mare herd this morning, the usual routine of mares and baby coming into the barn for grain and day stalls to escape the Georgia heat.  I have baby Chakra on one side, Soleil on the other -with her nose possessively but gently touching my arm as we walk, then Glory plus Joanna follow behind us.  I become filled with serenity, and calm.  I can literally feel their love and trust, not just from one but from all.  We move as a herd -no lead ropes, no restrains.  The groups feels like a cohesive entity. We walk down the two hundred foot aisle and each horse goes into a stall -with baby going in her stall first, and her mama following.  As I progress through my chores, I am left feeling euphoric.  I love my horses.

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