Monday, May 24, 2010

LDs Prince Charles: Fifteen years young!

Charles is a Percheron Stallion. He was born on May 29, 1995, which makes him fifteen years old this week. Charles is all black, with a few white hairs on his forehead. Barefoot, he stands at 17.2 hands of pure muscle and action. Charles joined Cielo Azure Percherons almost five years ago and he has been a pleasure to have around the farm!

Charles loves the mares; they really are his main passion in life (that and eating). But Charles is also the local comic relief, as he loves to roll and rear and run around and "be stupid." But Charles is always happy to have a head scratch, a back rub or a good rinse off when the weather warms up.

He is always gentle around the mares, as well as around humans. When children come to visit, I can always count on Charles to accept their pats and kind words with grace and gentleness. He has a kind heart and that says it all.

Thank you Charles for gracing our lives with your magnificent presence!
May you continue to thrive and live well!

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